Long time…. re think…. Just write!

It has been almost 2 years since I last posted to my blog, but the past few month I have felt impressed to share my thoughts, but I felt that too much time had past that I didnt even know where to start. I also wanted to share more than just my journey and experiences with Jacob and Autism, although that is still a big part of my life. Over the past 2 years life has thrown me some curve balls that have required just as much if not more attention and care.

So with that said I have decided to revamp my blog and share not only about my experience with autism but about my life in all aspects. I want to share all my experiences and how I am trying to navigate this crazy life that I have been given. So Bare with me as I write about my life, what I have learned so far, and how else I still need to learn and grow. I hopefully have a long life ahead of me to continue learning and perfecting the principles, and qualities that I desire. I continually remind myself that I am on this earth to learn and grow no matter how hard or unpleasant that process can be.



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