Jacob’s Angel

My daughter Sarah turned 4 yesterday. So I thought it would be fitting to talk about her and how she has helped us get through some tough times.

As you probably all know my 5 year old son Jacob has Autistic Disorder and Sensory processing disorder (learn more about these on my previous posts). The first few years of Jacobs life had been hard. I didn’t realize how hard until my little Sarah Faith was born. Everything with Sarah was more manageable starting with my pregnancy then labour and everything that followed. I knew she was my second so things should be easier right? As Sarah grew and developed I started to notice drastic differences between Sarah and Jacob. People would tell me “oh well girls and boys are different”, and although this is true, it was raising Sarah that helped me realized that Jacob needed some extra help. Without Sarah, Jacob may have had to live his life never receiving the help he needed. For that I am so grateful!


Sarah is so caring. She loves getting us snacks and taking care of us when we are sick or hurt. She is always willing to give me a hug when I am sad, and to smile at me and in he little munchkin voice say “are you ok mom? I love you!”

Sarah puts up with a lot. First of all she has spent so many hours sitting in the car or doctors offices waiting for Jacob without complaining. She misses out on things because of Jacob’s problems. For example, on Wednesday we had to run some errands and I said that for lunch we would go to the Mcdonalds play place. Well we were in Walmart and Jacob got so overwhelmed and upset that I carried all 50lbs of screaming child to the van. He couldn’t calm down enough to even get him in his car seat so I had to drive him home with him lashing on the floor. I brought him inside and began our steps to calm him down. Meanwhile Sarah sat in the car crying because she was so sad we could no longer go to the playplace. She had been really good and obedient but was still unable to go and she didn’t understand why. I explained what had happened and why Jacob needed to stay home. I told her I was really sorry. Sarah calmed down and said “it’s ok mom maybe another day”.

Sarah is so helpful. For example, I spend at least 2 hours a day in Jacobs room calming him down and trying to prevent him from hurting himself or others. Yes I have 2 other children that need to basically fend for themselves in that time. My youngest, Millie, is about 22 months old and cries anytime I leave her sight or put her down. When I enter Jacobs room I can hear Millie start crying outside the door. It breaks my heart every time I have to leave her out there by herself, until I hear Sarah’s sweet voice “it’s ok Millie, lets go play dolls. Mom will come out when she’s done” or “it’s ok Millie, mom will come back. Lets get your soother and blanket?”

MY 4 year old has made my life so wonderful. I watch her love her brother and sister unconditionally and she is always willing to give up the toy she is playing with just to make one of them happy. So many times she has ignored the game she wanted to play just so Jacob could do what he wanted. She has helped us get Jacob to participate in therapy sessions and family time. She is so loving and is blessed with a beautiful spirit that is so kind and thoughtful of others. I know I was given Sarah because I needed her presence. She is so quick to forgive (which is much needed in our house). She is our peacemaker, our angel. I Love my Sarah with all my heart and I hope that one day her siblings, especially Jacob, will appreciate everything she does for them.

I Love you Sarah!


4 thoughts on “Jacob’s Angel

  1. What a beautiful letter to Sarah:) She’s a blessing for sure! So mature for her age and always wearing that mega watt smile:) Happy birthday sweet Sarah:)

    1. It brought tears to my eyes. I know about younger siblings to a child with special needs. I couldn’t have picked out a better younger sibling for Nathan than Ryan. Heavenly Father knows what He’s doing when He sends them to us. Thank you Ali for this Blog. It has been a blessing for our family that Heavenly Father trusted us with one of His extra special children.

  2. Well written Ali! This too brought tears to my eyes. I can just hear sweet little Sarah talking to and taking care of Millie with that darling munchkin voice. How fortunate we all are to have Sarah in our lives. She runs up to me saying “Nana!” and then proceeds to tell me all that’s going on. I always feel loved by her and she always brings a big smile to my face. Heavenly Father sent the perfect little angel into our lives and into Jacob’s life! Love you forever Sarah!

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